Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Social Media Marketing is the process of developing a marketing strategy for your business by utilizing Social Media platforms. It is considered to be a very powerful tool for all businesses, no matter the size, to better expose their brands and reach their customers. Due to the fact that about 2 billion people are daily active in Social Media around the world, it is just expected that SMM will increase the probability of your brand or lead to become visible. The objective of SMM is to produce quality content so that users will share it on their social networks, thus helping you reach a wider customer base. Social Media Marketing aims to share content that will attract audience engagement.  Social Media is a basic element in marketing and the potential of growth using these platforms is enormous.

Key Components to a Great SMM Campaign

A complete Social Media Marketing campaign includes procedures and techniques to research your audience, monitor and react to potential customers, preserve and grow your brand reputation. By posting high-quality content that provides value to your social network profile you integrate an advertising strategy that directly impact business results.

The struggle to be ahead of competition it’s inevitable. Great SMM can increase the prosperity of your activity by driving sales and leads.Although there are a dozen tools and methodologies you can follow, we chose only a few in order to give a general idea.

Outline a Plan

Prior to initiating a social media marketing strategy, you need to conduct a detailed plan that will totally fit for your SMM campaign. This means you have to analyze your existing social activities and engagement. Identifying your weaknesses comparing to your competition plays a significant role in the improvement process. When planning a social media strategy you have to be careful when choosing the social networks that you’re going to conduct your campaign on. You need to know where your potential buyers spend most of their time online. For example, Facebook , Youtube and Instagram are some of the most suitable social platforms for advertising, since there you can find the majority of social network users.

A very important part of your social media marketing plan is to identify your audience target, so that you create the perfect quality content that will greatly affect your brand awareness.


Having an online presence it’s not only about having a profile on social networks. Even though you might have lots of followers, promoting your content is a short-cut to reaching your marketing objectives.

Every marketer’s goal is to catch the users’ attention. The best way to achieve this is to properly optimize the content of the post, depending on the platform you will work on. Again, choosing the right platform will increase the effectiveness of your social media promotion.  For instance, if you choose to promote your product on Facebook, the product or service must have a catchy headline, an appealing image, and an interesting description.

In addition to this, sharing on the right time is something that should be considered. Focus on platforms where chances to engage with your audience are higher.  Sharing your post at a time of the day when most of social media users are active helps your post reach more people which is the main objective of the promotion.  Most of social networks now offer tools that help you track your interactions and audience reach, such as Facebook or Instagram Insights.

Another great way that literally guarantees your visibility on social networks is social media paid promotion. Including paid promotion on your SMM campaign will efficiently increase your presence on profiles of your targeted audience.

How will SMM benefit you


  • Brand Awareness and Authority Increase

Social Media uses efficient marketing tools to help your business build online presence and visibility, thus increasing your brand awareness by engaging with wide audience. Posting high-quality contact and interacting with your customers, such as being responsive to them, will make you appear more credible. Satisfied customers mean free advertising, since people tend to share their experiences. Thus, being engaged in social media will have a great impact on building brand authority.

  • Increase Traffic and SEO

In order to see significant success, there is more than just posting on SM. Search Engine Optimization has an extensive role to achieve higher ranking results and bring organic traffic on your website. Even though social media does not directly increase search engine rankings, a proper SMM strategy will use followers as a direct factor (by sharing links) to drive great results.

  • Audience and Customer Increase

Posting quality content is the best way to become appealing for your targeted audience. Social media will help you make your online presence a great tool to reaching great audience and increase customer base, thus becoming a lead. It will also give you the chance to engage with your customers on one-to-one basis, be responsive to their needs and at the same time improve your brand loyalty.

  • Cost Effective

Social media marketing is probably the most cost-efficient part of an advertising strategy. Creating a social profile is free in most of platforms. However, if you decide to invest in paid promotions it will considerably increase your conversion rates and profits. The good news is that paid promotion is relatively low cost comparing to other promotion tools.