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PPC Calculator

Optimize your advertising strategy: estimate traffic, conversions, sales and profit with our PPC calculator. Maximize your ROI now!
Get a simple overview of the expected outcomes to invest strategically and maximize the performance of your advertising campaign.

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Optimize your advertising strategy: calculate traffic, conversions, sales and profit with our PPC calculator.

Our PPC calculator allows you to enter key data such as:

  • Average cost per click (CPC): how much you pay on average for each click on your PPC ad
  • PPC budget: the total budget invested in the ad campaign
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of visits that actually turn into a lead or sale
  • Average product value: revenue generated from a single sale

Based on this data, the calculator automatically estimates:

  • Expected traffic: number of expected clicks and visits, given the budget
  • Number of expected conversions: how many visits are expected to convert, given the rate
  • Total expected sales: conversions multiplied by average value produced
  • Profit: total sales minus PPC campaign cost (The final profit displayed does not take into account ad creation fees as well as any consulting fees from outside agencies)

By consistently monitoring these metrics over time, you can data-driven optimize your PPC strategy to maximize profit and ROI. The calculator simplifies result analysis, supporting your decision-making process.

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The budget depends on various factors such as the goal, competition, and desired reach. A good practice is to start with a budget that feels comfortable to test and optimize gradually.

Calculate the budget considering the desired Cost Per Click (CPC) and the expected number of clicks to achieve your goals. Additionally, assess the campaign duration and expected outcomes.

Management costs vary depending on the chosen agency or professional. They can be based on a fixed monthly fee or a percentage of the advertising budget.

CPC is calculated by dividing the total cost of the advertising campaign by the number of clicks received. For example, if you spent €100 and received 50 clicks, the CPC is €2.

Campaign costs depend on the strategy, platform, and objectives. Google Ads provides budget flexibility, allowing you to decide how much to spend.

You can create campaigns for search, display, shopping, video, and mobile apps. Each type has specific goals and reaches different audiences.

The Cost Per Click depends on the industry, competition, and ad quality. An optimal value is one that ensures a good return on investment.

To calculate the total campaign cost, multiply the Cost Per Click by the total number of clicks received or set a daily or total budget for the campaign.

Clicks are automatically counted through the advertising platform when a user clicks on your ad, registering the interaction.

Digital marketing experts, advertising agencies, and industry professionals manage Google Ads campaigns, optimizing strategies to achieve results.

CPC (Cost Per Click) is paid only when someone clicks on your ad, while CPM (Cost Per Mille impressions) is based on the cost for one thousand ad views, regardless of clicks.

The monthly cost of a Google Ads campaign varies based on the budget and daily spending settings. You can set a daily budget that determines the monthly cost based on active campaign days.

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