Mobile App Development

What we do:

Find everything that makes your business unique and use it to make the difference from your competitors.

Analysis and Planning

Creating a strategy for your mobile app requires a detailed analysis of everything your business provides, your long-term goals and vision for the future. Digital Connect will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and based on all these information we will build a successful and attractive mobile application for you that perfectly meets your demands and expectations. Our team can develop a unique, custom mobile application based on your requirements and needs, and also support you in promoting your new app or an existing one. We provide full professional services able to help your brand grow, expand your customer base and ultimately enjoy the profits.

App Design

If you are like the majority of mobile users, there's a great chance that your Smartphone is full of applications that you don't use.
Most experts predict that the number of downloaded applications will constantly increase each year. On the other hand, 1 to 4 applications will be uninstalled after the first use. Why? Because most of the time you have only one chance to impress your potential clients. The quality of design is a key aspect to determine if an application will be used continuously or will remain just an abandoned app on people's smart devices. Our team will help you create fully functional apps, that adapt users' needs, fast loading, great UI and easy to use.

For each application, we follow a planning process based on user needs and ensure that mobile experience will be useful in achieving your business goals.



  • User experience
  • Wireframing
  • User interface design
  • Prototype

Mobile App Development

When you create a mobile application it’s important to take in consideration which operating system is the most suitable for your mobile app.

Digital Connect will help you determine which operating system is the best for your brand and build an application following all your requirements and what your client’s need form the app. We can build custom and fully personalized mobile applications for iOS, Android or both. Our team can create applications that will help your customers be in contact with you all the time through an innovative communication channel such as mobile.

iOS mobile applications

Digital Connect provides mobile app development for iOS and mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. We use frameworks provided from Apple to build fast and secure mobile applications. Our main goal is to provide the best solutions for our client needs.

The iOS:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Allows to create custom applications based on your needs
  • Another Marketing Channel
  • Greater user experience
  • Brand Awareness
  • Smart functionalities
  • More visibility for your brand worldwide
  • iCloud – interact with all iCloud services

We can provide:

  • Full analysis
  • iOS app development
  • Design and usability
  • App release and publication
  • Updates and bug fixing


Android App Development

Android applications have high compatibility and are created to work with different hardware and devices. This operating system provides its users a unique experience and gives your business the ability to extend its reach and visibility.

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Why Android:

  • is an open source platform that provides great opportunities
  • Google Play can help increase your online visibility
  • today we have millions of applications on play store free and paid apps
  • the large market and the popularity of Android applications
  • many frameworks and functionalities required for the app development
  • too many people have an Android device
  • Simple to personalize and integrate the applications based on your requirements

Our Team

Our team of mobile developers creates custom Android mobile applications with unique design and functionalities. We give the right attention to every detail from the app architecture, user interface design, development, quality control, support, and maintenance.


App marketing

Digital Connect can provide different app marketing solutions and help you achieve your business goals. We can create marketing and promotion campaigns on all known app market places like Apple Store, Google Play and many others.

We can offer:

  • App Release
  • App Store Optimization
  • Press releases and Reviews
  • Promotion Strategy for the app
  • Analysis and Reporting

App Marketing

Digital Connect creates a mobile experience that will help you grow your online business. Our iOS and Android mobile application development solutions aim to create a perfect user experience integrated with competitive marketing strategies to help your business succeed in the mobile app market.

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