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Affordable WordPress Website Development

We develop professional, low-cost, fully customized WordPress websites to help launch your online business.

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At Digital Connect, we can boast deep technical expertise in using WordPress as well as many years of experience in developing complex web projects based on this open source platform.

Thanks to our highly specialized team, we are able to create modern websites with captivating designs that best represent your brand’s identity and values. We only use cutting-edge technologies for clean, lightweight code and excellent website performance.

We also stand out for our precision and reliability. We always respect the agreed delivery timeframes and provide transparent cost estimates for everything needed to successfully complete the digital project, without any anti-competitive overcharging.

By choosing Digital Connect for your WordPress site, you can count on guaranteed results thanks to our proven experience in creating functional, stable and search engine-friendly digital experiences.

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WordPress website pricing


Starting from
  • 5-page website
  • Basic SEO Included


Starting from
  • 8-15 page website + Blog
  • Basic SEO Included


Starting from
  • E-commerce Development + Blog
  • Basic SEO Included

Our WordPress Services for Professionals and SMBs

Thanks to our extensive experience in WordPress website development, we are able to offer 360° services to create and manage successful digital projects based on this platform.

Custom Theme and Template Development

We design templates with completely customized graphics in line with your brand identity. We structure intuitive layouts that best showcase key messages and calls-to-action, for an excellent user experience that is functional for business objectives.

Integration of Useful Plugins

We carefully analyze your operating model to suggest the most suitable WordPress plugins for your industry and needs. We can implement useful e-commerce tools, lead generation, SEO and more, all perfectly integrated with the website structure.

On-Page SEO Consulting

We optimize the code of templates and content for improved indexing and ranking. We analyze your user experience and structure the site for a smooth user journey towards your commercial goals.

Update Management

Maintaining WordPress and the plugins used is essential for optimal performance and, above all, website security. We take care of promptly performing all necessary updates to protect you from vulnerabilities and platform improvements.

Support and Maintenance

We don’t just stop at delivering your WordPress site. We offer after-sales support to monitor performance and make changes to the template or content, as well as to resolve any technical issues. By contacting us periodically, we can ensure your digital project remains functional and in constant improvement over time.

By entrusting us with your WordPress project, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll handle everything internally, from development to the ongoing management of templates, content, legal requirements and more, allowing you to focus solely on your core business.

Why choose WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used open source CMS (Content Management System) in the world. A free, highly versatile and customizable platform for creating modern and effective websites without having to start from scratch.

Over 450 million websites are built with WordPress. Its widespread adoption is due to numerous advantages that make it the ideal solution for companies, professionals and content creators of all kinds.

The user-friendly interface and multiple available integrations make WordPress intuitive even for those without advanced technical skills. You can publish and manage content with just a few clicks through the handy administration panel.

The open source nature of WordPress allows maximum customization freedom. You can modify templates, CSS styles and more to create a completely unique website in line with your brand. Additionally, thousands of free plugins allow you to expand functionality based on your specific needs.

WordPress natively integrates numerous functions that improve its organic positioning, such as friendly URLs, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and optimized meta tags. Coupled with a well-structured theme and proper on-page SEO settings, it guarantees search engine-friendly websites.

Website development

Developing a WordPress site significantly reduces time and costs compared to programming a custom website from scratch. It minimizes hosting expenses and your team can easily make changes without having to continuously rely on external developers.

WordPress is the ideal choice for a modern, high-performance website that can rely on high standards of usability, optimization and scalability over time.

Some of Our WordPress Projects

Each case presented is fully responsive, with an optimized user experience for desktop and mobile. It integrates the most innovative technologies available for WordPress at the time of development.

Our mission is always to best represent the brand’s identity through the website’s aesthetics and to develop tailor-made solutions based on each client’s goals and operating model.

Browse all our WordPress projects on the dedicated portfolio page.

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