Content Marketing Services

This service is designed for small and medium business owners, marketing managers, and agencies looking to drive more traffic, leads, and sales through content marketing.

Content Marketing Services for Revenue Growth

Content marketing does not have a single formula for success. That’s why Digital Connect offers a wide range of solutions to help you create, publish, and promote quality content that will guide your SEO strategy and improve your online presence.

What do our content marketing services include?


Content strategies

With Digital Connect, you can create a content marketing strategy and design high-performing campaigns by creating quality and relevant content. This way you become a benchmark for the audience, which also means spreading credibility and becoming a trusted source within your market niche.

PR Campaign

Whether your company has something exciting to say, promote the launch of a product or a service, or need to build a traditional press release, our team can help you with personalized PR solutions to target the public and improve brand visibility. We offer integrated online and offline PR solutions

Link building strategies

Digital Connect can create a link building strategy that improves your online presence, by choosing and following personalized, solid and effective solutions.

Blog marketing

Building relationships with bloggers can have a huge impact on brand credibility, therefore it's a very important aspect of the content marketing campaign. Digital Connect helps you share quality content, and promote your products and services.


Digital Connect offers a simple and effective approach to promote content, ideal for identifying, attracting and engaging users and potential customers. Not all visitors are interested in purchasing the products or services that you provide. However, creating relevant content will help you present your business to interested users with what you have to offer.

Content promotion is the key to a successful content marketing campaign. In this regard, you have to use all the channels at your disposal to ensure that potential customers and potential users are being well-informed for all the values that your brand represents.

Digital Connect helps you create an effective strategy that attracts customers’ attention at every stage of the buying journey, and helps you expand your customer base and remain loyal to your existing customers.

When trying to attract new visitors to your site, it’s important to keep in mind the main goal – converting these new visitors into new clients.


Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing and promoting content in order to attract organic traffic to the site, by providing high-quality information for the targeted audience. A successful strategy includes identifying who your target audience is, what they are looking for and when, and distribute relevant content created according to their interests.

Encouraging users through the use of both informative and useful content, through blogging as well as infographic articles, helps to improve brand recognition and authority, boosts site traffic and improves search engine rankings.


Although blogs, videos, and infographics are not new in the digital age, content marketing has become very important in recent years. Before content marketing, a series of links and keywords could position your website and make it visible to the audience. Nevertheless, today Google wants you to work harder in order for your website to appear on the podium of search results.

Thanks to Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates, content is now more important than ever and search engine optimization is now focused on long-term strategy, as Google has decided to reward only authoritative sites that provide quality and relevant content in search results.

Encouraging users through the use of both informative and useful content, through blogging as well as infographic articles, helps to improve brand recognition and authority, boosts site traffic and improves search engine rankings.


Updates launched by Google have reiterated the fact that “content marketing” indicates that content is the king and should be the essential part of your site. In order to have a successful presence online, you need to become an authority in your industry, as well as a respected and reliable source of information and a guide within your industry niche.

You can achieve this by providing useful and original content on a regular basis. Also, you should provide useful tips and advice to users, enhance interaction and brand recognition, generate more traffic and more interactivity.

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