Professional SEO Audit Consulting Services

Digital Connect offers high-end SEO audit consulting services for clients that are doubting the effectiveness of their current campaign. Our professional competencies in SEO best practices of the moment is at your disposal to help you identify issues and give you the right solutions.

Through comprehensive SEO Audit consulting services, our team of experienced professionals will illuminate you with the situation.  We perform a thorough in-depth analysis to identify issues that are preventing your website from drawing more organic traffic and enhancing your sales.

Increase your potential in gaining a better online presence and influence your success in search engines with world-class SEO audit solutions!

Our SEO Audit specialist consultants will share best-in-class recommendations and deliverables after conducting a complete Quality Control of the SEO Strategies implemented by your previous SEO agency.

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There may be various issues both from the technical and search perspective that may be an obstacle to the success of your website. If you have doubts about the techniques used to optimize your website and believe that a second opinion would be beneficial, we’re here to give you all the answers. When to worry:


Not ranking for priority keywords
Your website is indexed but still, you’re not ranking well for your priority keywords? We conduct full keyword research to make sure that your website is aligned with your best keyword opportunities and your content meets your business goals.
Slow page loading time
Slow page loading rates are the main reason that users abandon a website without giving it the chance to see what it offers. While visitors get disappointed, search engines give you a lower rank, which leads to performance and conversion issues.
Http or Https?
Websites that are not secure are likely to trigger warnings in the browser, and visitors can feel insecure about their privacy violence. If you haven’t done it yet, our SEO experts will help you offer a secure connection for your targeted audience.
Competitors stealing your traffic
Are you sure your current SEO service provider has made competitive research to set a targeted SEO strategy for your business? Think again! With our professional website SEO Audit services, we’ll ensure that your competitors will not be able to steal your traffic.
Poor mobile user-experience
The number of mobile users is constantly increasing, thus, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. Poor mobile experiences lead to unhappy visitors which can signal search engines for low user satisfaction which could impact your ranking.
Non-engaging Content
Have you updated your content recently? Outdated content that no longer includes “hot” keywords relevant to your services can significantly impact your low SEO performance. Our website audit report will allow you to fix all issues and improve your search engine ranking.
Broken links
Links improve your websites domain and page authority, that’s why you need to make sure that your outbound, inbound, and internal links are not broken. Otherwise, search engines can mark you as a site with low authority and put you on a lower rank.
Blocked content
Sometimes, part of your content might not be indexed in search engines, and that is the written that your website is not ranking although optimized with best SEO techniques. Our experts will check every piece of your content is available on the web.


Pre-SEO Audit Discussion

In-person meetings, Skype video calls, or regular calls are scheduled to discuss the current performance of your site, gather important data, and define goals prior to the SEO Audit Process.

SEM Review

The purpose of this SEO audit phase is to identify if your website is SEO friendly and define effective strategies to help you bring qualified organic traffic to your site from top search engines.

Competitive Assessment

Identifying what SEO strategies your competitors are using will help you implement a unique effective one to improve your overall website performance.


Overall Digital Marketing Review

The website is one of the most important channels of Digital Marketing, an essential part of your long-term marketing strategies. After the assessment, we provide you with useful information about the most effective channels for your overall online marketing campaign.

Website SEO Audit Report

We prepare a full SEO report with all the details, explaining detected issues during each phase of audit and pointing out every element that could be preventing your successful performance on SERPs.

SEO Audit Consulting

After handing you the comprehensive SEO audit report, we prepare a list of recommendations that can help you solve the issues and improve your overall presence on search engines.


Our SEO Audit services and specialist consultants specialize in identifying technical issues that are limiting your website in converting qualified leads and improving conversion rates. Through a complete technical assessment, we determine what is lowering your performance potential in search engines and offer leading-edge recommendations for the most effective solutions.

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