How do you maintain an eCommerce Website?

Maintaining an eCommerce website is imperative to provide the best experience possible for your customers, both present and future. The maintenance of an eCommerce website allows the site to be up-to-date through programming, captivating graphic design solutions, search engine optimizations, and more relevant tasks that require professional expertise as well as dedication. There are many […]

SEO Performance: Real Case Interpretation

SEO Performance: Real Case Interpretation Digital Connect specializes in professional, advanced Internet Marketing services. In recent years, we’ve had many international clients whose online performance has improved considerably after receiving our services. In this article, we will discuss a case of special importance to us for which we will present an analytical study and interpret […]

Digital Connect Increases its Presence in the American Market

New Partnership – New Challenge – Greater Success On April 18, 2018, Digital Connect has signed a partnership agreement with an American industry leader in Web Solutions.  The long-term contract will enable Digital Connect to broaden their knowledge and gain more experience by working alongside a large corporate with proven expertise. The signing of this […]

What Motivates Us to Exceed Our Business Expectations

I bet you’re familiar with the saying “Behind every successful man there is a woman”? Well, in our case the saying is a bit different “Behind every successful company there is a motivated team”. Actually, there are a lot of factors behind that “behind” and we have listed a few below. Leadership that encourages team […]

5 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Business Website

Every business aims to successfully position their brand in search engine results. The most efficient way to generate leads and attract more prospects to your website is to define and successfully integrate marketing goals.  It is more than obvious that without the right SEO strategy implementation your efforts to drive organic traffic, raise brand awareness, […]