What Motivates Us to Exceed Our Business Expectations

I bet you’re familiar with the saying “Behind every successful man there is a woman”? Well, in our case the saying is a bit different “Behind every successful company there is a motivated team”. Actually, there are a lot of factors behind that “behind” and we have listed a few below.

Leadership that encourages team growth & success


Leadership is crucial to every business; it’s the guide that your company needs to reach the final destination: success! When we think of leaders, be they team-leaders, managers or CEOs, we picture strong characters with exceptional persuasive abilities, highly self-confident, and passionate about meeting long-term objectives.

A successful leader must have all of these qualities, but, what makes a great leader successful is the collaboration with his/her team. Leaders must be the soul of the team, all-encompassing, team/customer-centered, accountable, optimistic, be able to acknowledge commitment and success, and work among the team to be in the depth of every project, challenge, and excitement.

When we established our company, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish, and all we needed was a strong team to fulfill our mission. We knew that no one is born successful. Success achievement requires great effort, hard work and time. That’s why we’ve always focused on building a healthy and productive relationship with our employees so that every step we take is in harmony with our company’s business strategy. Communication is the key to every relationship, and the secret of our approach is that we value independence and respect each other’s opinions. We’re a big family, and this is what family is about. All for one, and one for all!

Team accomplishments


The beginning of our journey has not been easy. Starting a new company in a highly competitive environment is like struggling to survive in the middle of the ocean with a wooden boat. It was the desire to offer something new that made us not surrender so easily. We knew that in order to be able to provide outstanding digital solutions, we needed to ensure a compelling and relaxing working environment for our team. Enthusiastic and young, we understood what it takes to encourage employees to give their best and help us become industry leaders, both domestically and abroad.

With the ever-changing technology, we face the need to be up-to-date with the latest best practices and high-end technologies in web development, web design, and Internet marketing. This is why we give our team the opportunity to study, gain a broader knowledge and get certified by the most successful and prestigious online academies the world of Internet knows.

Our company’s services are designed to provide custom solutions for our clients, by integrating the best available techniques and technologies. Being that the curriculums of our Universities do not include Internet Marketing, we gave our utmost efforts to learn from reliable sources online and take classes from industry’s most successful influencers. This practice has helped our company improve performance, and our team to get certified in SEO, Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, Google Academy certifications.

Our company is steadily expanding in the domestic and international market, which is one of our main goals. We have worked on several successful large projects for European and American clients.  Positive results and experience motivate our employees to go further and grow both in personal terms and as a team. The greatest merits for our achievements belong to our tireless, highly motivated, result-oriented, process-followers, pragmatic and innovative employees.

Challenges we faced and continue facing

We’re a fast-growing company that provides personalized, high-quality web solutions and online marketing including advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing and Copywriting. We’re customer-oriented, aiming quality and offering affordable prices.

One of the biggest challenges that we have faced from the beginning of our venture and still do is hiring. Together with success and expansion, we need to add talent. Finding qualified, responsible people is very difficult. We try very hard to choose carefully our staff and in the meantime avoid harmful growing pains. For this reason, besides professional skills, we try to select our staff based on their personalities. We need people that are willing to support our vision and help us reach peak performance.

Of course, competition and high-paced market are ongoing challenges. The industry is very dynamic, constantly developing and fierce; therefore, the effort needed to become the best is the hardest part of the job. Fortunately, thanks to the advanced business strategies we use, both internal and external, and collaboration between our departments we’ve managed to retain our position as one of the best companies in the region.

Our vision for the future

Vision is the very first thing that stimulates you to consider the idea of starting a new adventure. Our vision is to create high-quality digital services and help businesses improve their online presence, become a recognized brand by building brand awareness, increase performance and ultimately generate revenues. We’re a customer-centered company; thus, we commit to excellence to be the company that best understands and satisfies the needs of our customers by providing exceptional yet cost-effective services.



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