Benefits of Outsourcing in Albania

Outsourcing as a process

Outsourcing is a business process used by companies to “contract out” a third party to manage their work or projects due to cost cutting and efficiency improvement for a certain period of time.  It is one of the most significant activities in business, because many companies try to use all innovations of technologies to deliver qualified and competitive products or services in order to satisfy consumers. This practice is very useful for both parts because each of them can focus their resources on the development of core competency of the activity. Even though it was not defined as an activity, outsourcing has existed for a very long time now. But only in the contemporary business this process has been given a definition.  This article focuses on the benefits of outsourcing web development services in Albania.

Web Development Outsourcing in Albania

Outsourcing web development has become a very convenient choice because of the lack of technical skills and cost reduction. Many companies abroad are looking to contract out services in smaller countries with lower economic standards, like Albania. For several years our country has been a very preferred destination for foreign companies to contract outsourcing services.

Another advantage for foreign companies that choose to outsource in Albania is that they do not need to invest in staff training. They can easily cooperate with local companies to establish their business activities here. Besides the fact that companies in Albania provide great conditions, there are also experienced professionals ready to complete projects with full professional proficiency.

Given the fact that everything is going digital, web development services are in high demand for outsourcing. Of course, there are different digital agencies that provide website development services and bring your web projects to life. Digital Connect is a new digital agency but with highly skilled professionals in website development, including creative web design, mobile app development, internet marketing (SEO, SMM, PPC and Content Marketing) etc.  A web agency that has provided outsourcing services to different foreign companies mostly in USA, UK and Italy.

Benefits of Outsourcing in Albania

As a country, Albania offers great opportunities with a qualified youth and low cost labor force willing to work. According to Albanian Outsourcing Association (AOA) and Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), BPO or Business Process Outsourcing sector in Albania has constantly increase and currently has about 30,000 professionals employed. Albania’s Outsourcing sector covers a wide range of industries such as: Healthcare, IT, Banking and Finance, Retail and e-commerce, Telecom, Tourism, etc. Albanian companies mostly serve the Italian market due to their Italian linguistic skills. Nevertheless, other important regional markets are Germany, Switzerland, France and UK.

Favorable Destination

Being strategically positioned in East Balkans, Albania is proving to be a very advantageous business destination. In the last decade, a lot of foreign businesses are looking to outsource voice base customer integrated services, particularly Italian and German companies. It is near shore to many EU countries and has less than two hours distance with main European markets, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, etc.

Education System and Language Skilled Workforce

Albania has a well developed education system with major education reforms implemented in recent years. Both public and private educational institutions are well-established absolutely meeting the European Standards. Every year, the number of students enrolled in universities is increasing.  Albania is a great source of well-trained human capital. We can certainly say that we have a mature education setup that is perfectly aligned to the market needs.

About 60% of population speaks at least one foreign language. As a result of different factors, such as historical events, migration and exchanging programs, most of Albanians master various languages especially Italian, English, French, German, Turkish and Serbo-Croatian.

Low Labor Cost

The best advantage that attracts foreign companies to outsource in Albania is the fact that the labor cost is very affordable. Because of low economic growth, the workforce availability has been the main reason that the wages are much lower comparing to our peer countries. Therefore, low cost services and loans make Albania a competitive outsourcing market.

Law and Taxes Convenience

The Albanian Law on Foreign Investment is very convenient for foreign businesses since it does not require prior authorization for initial investments and it outlines specific protections for foreign investors.  Moreover, comparing to its peer countries it has a favorable taxing system with only 15% tax on profit. It has an online system of filling and paying taxes and a well-established banking system.



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