2018 SEO Best Practices to Rank High on SERPs

With Google and other search engines constantly changing the rules of the game, appearing in top 10 results in SERPs can be difficult. Ranking factors are changeable and are frequently shape-shifting which make Search Engine Optimization even more complex.  As an SEO specialist, you must regularly research for new trends since it’s essential to stay aware of any emerging novelty to ensure that your marketing strategy is updated and effective.

Here are some SEO best practices that will totally help you rank high in Search Engines and bring extensive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research and Intelligent Implementation in text content

Old, but gold! Yes, keyword research is an archaic word in the world of SEO, but its efficiency in getting great results is still outstanding. You need to research for words and phrases that are being used by people to find your products, services, or content on the web. Identifying the keywords that users are using to find answers that solve their problems, can help you better build your content and make it easier for Google, Bing, or Yahoo find your solutions as relevant to those problems.

You need to have primary keywords, and then build long-tail keywords that are semantically related to the primary ones and share the searchers’ intent. When determining your keyword list, you need to make sure that all those words and phrases share the same intent, so that you can use them to optimize your website pages and target your potential buyers, readers, etc.

By using relevant keywords with primary and secondary ones and implementing them intelligently in the text content of your page, you will convince Google that you have keywords on the page that match with the searcher’s query.

Optimize the URLs, Meta title tags and Meta Description

Your URL must have a clear, readable text that makes search engines believe that the content of your webpage is relevant and contains valuable information. Having well-structured, clean and crawlable URLs is very important so that Googlebot’s spiders can index them more easily.

Optimizing Meta title tags and Meta description still matters in 2018. They are the best tools to attract searchers attention and have them click on your link. They can also help you get a featured snippet if search engines are convinced that you have rich, specific and relevant information that gives direct answers to the searcher. However, besides a compelling title tag and description optimized from a keyword perspective using the words and phrases that searchers use, you must have an exclusive and high-quality content to earn a snippet featured display.

Create Visual Content

Using attractive and compelling visuals is a fast-growing trend of 2018 SEO best practices. According to a poll conducted by Social Media Examiner in 2016, it was found that visuals are almost the most successful form of content appreciated by users. They are great stimulators of online growth and user engagement on your website. Take advantage of this trend and create more visual content for your business, such as images, videos, infographics, memes, presentations, or screenshots to make your content more appealing and digestible for your audience/leads. And, of course, optimize them.

Security and Page Speed

Obviously, security is one of the things that Google gives significant importance, and you must, too. It’s crucial to have a secure website to ensure a great user experience. Besides, your website pages must load fast in all types of browsers and devices so that users can accomplish their actions effortlessly.

High-Quality Backlinks on Blog posts

Blog is very effective in attracting visitors to your website. You can turn them into leads by regularly publishing interesting, helpful and valuable content. You can also use links to redirect readers to other valuable sources of information, whether it is on your website or external sources.

There are also backlinks, which are extremely important to prove to the search engines that other sources on the web are finding your content useful. Using backlinks has always helped webmasters generate more traffic to their website, and still does. However, with the Google Panda update, only quality links matter. Make sure to earn some links from pages that have a solid online presence and great authority. You can either ask industry influencers mention your content in theirs or earn those links by creating unique and top-quality content.

Make sure to implement a well-structured online marketing strategy, and optimize your business website to improve your ranking in SERPs.